Nonprofits & Organizations

We will help you understand the impact that bias is having on your organization, in areas such managing resources, volunteer satisfaction and retention, or with the community you serve.

The Board and its Governance make all the difference in an organization and the delivery of service and is therefore our primary focus. By working with those on board positions, we will address the unique nature of your organization and how best to solve issues of bias that are affecting services. By working with the board one-on-one or as a team, we will raise awareness about how implicit bias may be affecting your professional interactions.  We will then provide a proven, practical plan for addressing these issues, thereby fostering both personal growth and a new environment of inclusion.

Who are you serving? Does your Board represent the community you service? Can you do more to be inclusive? These are critical questions to explore and often times implicit bias bars an organization from truly representing the communities they desire to serve. By closely working with your organization, we will evaluate how you are doing and what areas you can experience more growth. Our Inclusion Checkup will uncover any unconscious biases, behaviors or norms that are occurring in your organization. We will conduct interviews, group meetings and a review pertinent company programs in order prepare a realistic plan for a way forward.

The dedication and effort it takes to run an effective and meaningful organization is, at times, overwhelming. You have an organization to focus on. Let us focus on the often unseen issues that may be affecting your success and community outreach. As your growth partner, we will not only build programs and analyze progress but we will also be available to advise on any issues that may arise. This is customized to your organization’s needs. Our hand in Hand Guidance can include:

  • Board Advising & Support
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Crafting Inclusive Policies and Procedures
  • Staff and Volunteer Guidance
  • Building Your Base with an Inclusion Mindset

Workshops and Volunteer-Focused Programs

  • Understanding Implicit Bias and Its Impact
  • Inclusion Starts at the Top
  • Empathy as a Way Forward
  • Women’s Initiatives
  • Cultural Team Building

Diverse Group of People Community Togetherness Concept

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