Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops

Fundamental Advisory engages with businesses, municipalities, law firms, and non-profits for a variety of DEI efforts including creating custom tailored workshops and trainings sessions in the areas of cultural competency, creating an inclusive workplace, ethics and equity, sexual harassment/workplace harassment, and power dynamics at work. 

These workshops sessions are given to both management and individual contributors and are done both to create a more inclusive workplace and offer an innovative professional development experience. All trainings are developed after an assessment and to create an organization-specific program that creates lasting growth. During the assessment phase, we meet with key leaders to better understand the organization’s goals and overall mission in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. These conversations open many doors for us to explore and create programs around. These are done so the organization receives the most custom-tailored experience. 

Our workshops are developed to meet the specific goals and demographics of the organization. We begin with an assessment to identify goals and pain points wherein we talk with key leaders and those in HR. Through collaboration and open communication, we will tackle these issues in an impactful way. These can be tailored in any way to ensure the best attendee experience. These qualify for MCLE credits as well. 

These trainings are often focused on creating an inclusive culture, sexual harassment and abuse, ethics in the workplace, cross-cultural dialogue, ethical implication of bias, managerial-specific trainings, and more. We also encourage our workshops to be followed up with our unique offering called “Office Hours”.  At Office Hours, employees can meet one on one with our expert consultants to discuss areas of concern for them and receive targeted advice on how to create the change they hope to see in their organization. This ensures a workshop continues to create growth and consideration even after it is over. 


Some of our workshops include:

  • Conversations on Anti-Racism and Racial Equity
  • Understanding Privilege
  • The Pandemic’s Impact on Inclusion and Workplace Culture
  • Cultural Competency
  • Conversations on Implicit Bias
  • Understanding the Ethical Implications of Implicit Bias 
  • Inclusion Starts at the Top
  • Empathy as A Way Forward
  • Gender Equity and Parity in the New Decade
  • New Dawn of Ageism and Our Current Generational Divide
  • Cultural Team Building
  • Starting Off Right: Recruitment and Hiring, Compensation, Evaluations and Equal Opportunity

HR Support

Human Resources is ground zero in affecting change and growth in a business around inclusion and work environment. Fundamental Advisory provides many HR-specific topics to learn from and engage with. The focus of the speeches is to raise awareness and provide strategies to implement that are effective.


C-Level Training

In this intimate and thoughtful discussion, we will address the special issues present in the executive circle as it relates to bias. It starts with awareness and education, then moves into a candid discussion of your business needs and what the goals. This conversation will tackle the tough and often illusive issues of bias with the executive team in an intimate and confidential manner.