Executive Coaching and Executive Leadership Conversations

We believe that creating an inclusive and equitable work culture starts at the top.

Executive Coaching and Executive Leadership Conversations

Our Method is a Solutions-Driven Approach: 

  • Seek Understanding
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Build Awareness
  • Set Goals and Strategic Plans
  • Offer Trusted, Ongoing Support
  • Accountability & Follow Through

 We know that leaders face many challenges and often times need trusted support to navigate their leadership hurdles as well as organizational hurdles. We support leaders by giving them the tools to thrive in their role and create cultures where innovation, respect, curiosity, and understanding is at the forefront.

We offer confidential, candid spaces where leaders can come for guidance. We use an inquiry-based approach where we listen intentionally and offer expert support to leaders at all levels. We have great success with our clients because we lean into relationships, trust-building, and awareness.

We offer a variety of options to best fit your schedule. Most of the leaders we work choose monthly or bi-weekly sessions to ensure consistent feedback and opportunities to discuss pressing issues.

 We also offer targeted coaching for leaders who find themselves in difficult situations and need more specific, time-bound coaching.

 For uniquely challenging scenarios or where workplace behavior is of major concern (harassment/discrimination), we offer organizations support in evaluating the situation and determining the best course of action.

Mindy Gulati is an attorney and DEI expert who uses her background and experience to foster meaningful engagement with her coaching clients. She utilizes Inclusive Leadership methodologies in her work to ensure the executive coaching aligned with the greater organization culture and mission.  She primarily works with CEOs, executives, and upper-level management, and has experience with all levels of leadership.  She has a depth of experience working with leaders across the country and across industries.

We believe that creating an inclusive and equitable work culture starts at the top. Executives are tasked with the expansive reach of the organization and we will ensure that your DEI plan and program is integrated into every business function so that it works, it is measurable, and it does more than just pay lip-service to diversity. We will equip your Executive Team with the tools it needs to lead the way on DEI. We assist executives with one-on-one coaching and targeted leadership conversations that explore the complexity and depth of diversity and inclusion. We listen and translate what we hear into actionable items. Executives do not have time to spare and we ensure our conversations are strategic in nature with deliverable results. We work on one or two projects at a time to ensure they are addressed in an efficient and workable way. 

Executives who have been a part of our Leadership Conversations routinely explore their management styles, their leadership goals, and their struggles with us in a confidential and productive setting. Some issues that we have explored specifically with Executives include: how bias affects their management style, how their title complicates employee relationships, navigating imposter syndrome, power dynamic shifts and challenges, customer/client specific relationships, how to communicate better with staff, struggles navigating parental leave policies, what to do when someone is fired and there is fear in the organization, challenges to the organizational culture that come with growth, just to name a few.