Testimonials & Keynote


“I am the Sr. Manager of Inclusion and Diversity at PayPal and have had the pleasure of seeing Mindy in action as a public speaker, educator, and thought leader. Whatever her audience, she moves them towards progress. She is effective in her methodologies and is passionate about helping businesses become leaders in Inclusion and Diversity.”

PayPal November 2017

“I’ve been in HR Diversity and Inclusion for 10 years and I’ve never heard anyone explain the issues at hand like Mindy. She actually gave me goosebumps and two ‘Ah-ha’ moments.           

Attendee, Austin Technology Council’s Human Resources Dinner September 2017

“Mindy is a great communicator, trainer, and a valuable asset to companies wishing to utilize her services. Her solutions are never cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. Mindy takes the time to understand what a company’s goals and needs are with respect to diversity and inclusion, and she tailors training programs to meet those needs.” 

Business-Side Employment Attorney  April 


“I am the Sr. Manager of Inclusion

National Convention 2017, Las Vegas, NV “How Implicit Bias Affects the LGBTQ Community in the Media.”

Fair Shot Summit, March 2017, Austin, Texas “Engaging the Broader Movement.”

Mother Attorney Mentoring Program, June 2017, Austin, Texas “How Implicit Bias Affects Attorneys: From Clients to the Courtroom”

3day Startup, July 2017, Austin, Texas How Not to Become Uber: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Company Culture From the Ground Up”

National Industry Liaison Group National Convention, August 2017 San Antonio “How Implicit Bias Affects LGBTQ Employees: From Inclusion to Gender Transitions”.

Austin Technology Council CEO Summit, September 2017, Austin “Building Culture and Attracting, Growing and Retaining Talent.”

Austin Technology Council HR Panel, September 2017 HR Issues of Diversity and Employee Relations.”

Austin Bar Association CLE, October 2017 Corporate Best Practices on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts.”

Solar Business Festival Conference, November 2017, Austin, Texas “Response to Difference: Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.”