keynote Speaking

Searching for a meaningful keynote to ignite inspiration, passion and growth? Look no farther than Mindy Gulati and Fundamental Advisory. Her speeches are crafted to make a dynamic case for why understanding our biases and opening our minds to growth are at the heart of progress and success in both personal and professional life. Through her intimate life stories and her professional endeavors, Mindy will inspire the audience to open their minds and open previously closed doors.

Keynote Speeches are carefully crafted to meet your unique business or organization’s needs. Speech length and Q&A Discussions are negotiable based on audience size and general goals for the speech.

Keynote Topics:

  • Implicit Bias: The Basics
  • Leading with Empathy and Understanding
  • Opening Minds and Opening Doors- How Understanding Implicit Bias Can Lead to a Better Work Environment for All
  • Inclusion is the New Diversity- Stepping Up.
  • Leading with Empathy and Understanding
  • It Starts With You: A Challenge to Leaders
  • How Multiethnic Children Will Demand Change in America and How It Will Affect Your Business
  • How to Navigate Generational Issues in the Workplace: When Boomers, Gen X and Millennials Collide

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