Corporate, HR, C-Level Training

Corporate Training

Fundamental Advisory provides and array of corporate speeches, expertly crafted to address the needs and goals of each individual business. Implicit bias, inclusion and safe workplaces be discussed in a way that effectively educates and interests the audience. Special care is taken to meet the business’ unique goals and landscape.

Human Resource Training

Human Resources is ground zero in affecting change and growth in a business around inclusion and work environment. Fundamental Advisory provides many HR-specific topics to learn from and engage with. The focus of the speeches is to raise awareness and provide strategies to implement that are effective.

C-Level Training

In this intimate and thoughtful discussion, Fundamental Advisory will address the special issues present in the executive circle as it relates to bias. It starts with awareness and education, then moves into a candid discussion of your business needs and what the goals. This speaking engagement will tackle the tough and often illusive issues of bias with the executive team.

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