2017-2022 Speaking Engagements

Fundamental Advisory engages with businesses, municipalities, law firms, and non-profits for a variety of DEI efforts including creating custom tailored workshops and trainings sessions in the areas of cultural competency, creating an inclusive workplace, ethics and equity, sexual harassment/workplace harassment, and power dynamics at work. 

2021 Speaking Engagements

  • Association of Corporate Council, Austin Chapter. February 2021 “Diversity and Inclusion Issues Involved in Navigating the (Ever/Never) Changing Landscape.”
  • AFL-CIO Union Lawyer Conference. March 2021. “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Why Unions (and Union Lawyers) Benefit from DEI Training.”
  • Austin Bar Association, Solo/Small Firm Section CLE. April 2021 “Conversations on Implicit Bias and its Implications on Law Firm.”
  • Austin Bar Association, Equity Summit. May 2021.  “Ethical Implications of Implicit Bias for Attorneys.”
  • Virginia Water Environment Association, Workforce Management Conference. May 2021 Virtual Panel Presentation “What Will Your Future Look Like: How to Ensure a Successful Workforce for Tomorrow.”
  • Austin SHRM September 2021 “Radical Flexibility with Return to office: a DEI Perspective.”

  • American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota (ACEC/MN) November 2021.  “How an Inclusive Culture Will Move Your Business From Surviving to Thriving.”

2020 Speaking Engagements

  • Women Presidents’ Organization, February 2020, Austin, TX “How to Create an Inclusive Culture at Work.” 
  • BWISE’s (Black Women in Science and Engineering) 12 @12, April 2020, Virtual Presentation “Why DEI is Poised for a Major Push Forward Post Covid-19.” 
  • Atlas Book Club, Monthly Beginning May 2020, Virtual Presentation “Creating a Culturally Competent Children’s Library.”
  • Leaving Law Behind, May 2020, Virtual Presentation “Coaching Through a Career Change.”
  • Texas Diversity Council, June 2020, Virtual Presentation, “DEI Accountability: Moving Beyond Metrics.”
  • Leaving Law Behind, May 2020, Virtual Presentation “Coaching Through a Career Change.”
  • Texas Diversity Council, June 2020, Virtual Presentation, “DEI Accountability: Moving Beyond Metrics.”
  • Austin Contract Center Alliance, June 2002, Virtual presentation, “Leading with Equity During the Pandemic.”
  • Collin County Bar Association, July 2020, Virtual presentation, “Dialogue & Engagement: Embracing Diversity in Our Community.”
  • Austin Contract Center Alliance, June 2020, Virtual presentation, “Leading with Equity During the Pandemic”
  • Missouri DWI Institute, July 2020, Virtual Presentation, “Harnessing Power in the Courtroom By Understanding Implicit Bias.
  • Advanced In-House Counsel, State Bar of Texas CLE Conference,  August 2020, Virtual presentation, “How to Effectively Implement a Diversity and Inclusion Program.”
  • Austin Bar Association, August 2020, Virtual presentation, “21 Day Racial Equity Challenge Roundtable Discussion.”
  • Tennessee Supreme Court. December 2020 “Implications of Implicit Bias.”

2019 Speaking Engagements

  • Culturati Summit, January 2019, Austin, TX “Understanding the Impact of Implicit Bias on Executive Teams.”

  • WASHTO Civil Rights Training Symposium, March 2019, Austin, TX “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Transportation.” 

  • The Riveter’s DEI Convening, May 2019, Austin TX, “How Bias Affects Hiring and Retention.” 

  • State Bar of Texas 2019 Annual Meeting CLE, June 2019, Austin, TX “Implicit Bias: Building Awareness and Overcoming Obstacles.” 

  • National Air Traffic Controllers Association Board Conference, October 2019, Austin, TX “Conversations on Implicit Bias in Union Organizations.”

  • State Bar of Texas Women in Law Section CLE, November 2019, Austin, TX “Implications of Implicit Bias on Women in Law Practice.”

2018 Speaking Engagements

  • University of Texas Entrepreneurship Week, March 2018, Austin, TX “Creating Inclusive Cultures.” 

  • Mother Attorney Mentoring Program, March 2017, Austin, TX “Dealing with Implicit Bias: A Practical Guide For Lawyers.” 

  • Panhandle Human Resources Association Spring Seminar, April 2018, Amarillo, TX “Implicit Bias and Its Impact on Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace.”

  • Austin Bar Association Family Law Section, May 2018, Austin TX “Implications of Implicit Bias on Family Law Practice.” 

  • Women in Technology at Samsung, May 2018, Austin, TX “Storytelling to Overcome Bias.” 

  • Scott Douglass & McConnico’s Annual Partner Retreat, September 2018, Austin, TX Keynote Speaker “Harnessing Your Power by Understanding Your Bias and Yourself.” 

2017 Speaking Engagements

  • Clexacon National Convention February 2017, Las Vegas, NV “How Implicit Bias Affects the LGBTQ Community in the Media.” 

  • Texas Democratic Party Fair Shot Summit, March 2017, Austin, TX “Engaging the Broader Movement.” 

  • Mother Attorney Mentoring Program, June 2017, Austin, TX “How Implicit Bias Affects Attorneys: From Clients to the Courtroom.” 

  • 3day Startup International Conference, July 2017, Austin, TX “How Not to Become Uber: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Company Culture From the Ground Up.” 

  • National Industry Liaison Group National Convention, August 2017, San Antonio, TX “How Implicit Bias Affects LGBTQ Employees: From Inclusion to Gender Transitions.” 

  • Austin Technology Council CEO Summit, September 2017, Austin, TX “Building Culture and Attracting, Growing and Retaining Talent.” 

  • Austin Technology Council HR Panel, September 2017, Austin, TX “HR Issues of Diversity and Employee Relations.” 

  • Austin Bar Association CLE, October 2017, Austin, TX “Corporate Best Practices on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts.” 

  • Solar Business Festival Conference, November 2017, Austin, TX “Response to Difference: Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.”