Virtual Diversity Officer

Not every organization can afford a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader, nor does every organization need one. In a virtual, consultative role, our experts will ensure progress along your journey is much faster than on your own. Our semi-regular presence at the office(s) signals your commitment and creates a viable space for conversations that might not otherwise take place. Monthly Consulting will ensure that DEI is embedded in the culture of your organization and that there is ongoing dialogue and strategic planning around Diversity and Inclusion. The amount of hours will be determined at a later time, but typically consists of 5-10 hours per month for at least one year. 

Sample Schedule of a “10 Hour Month”

(though not meant to precisely show how time is used each month.)


Two 60-minute meetings with executive team per month

focused on initiating and executing 1-2 projects at a time and evaluating what the needs are at the organization. As projects are implemented, priority lists are created and undertaken. 

Two hours unclaimed available time for executives and management per month

For emails, calls, questions, brainstorms, ERG meetings and other facilitations. 

Three hours for Open Office Hours

Here, employees schedule time with Mindy to discuss concerns and questions related to inclusion, bias and diversity. This will inform her recommendations to executive team and allows employees to have a designated person to discuss these topics with in a directed and targeted manner. 

Three hours for development

and eventual implementation of statements, strategic plans, processes and procedure, and a code of conduct to advance the goals of the organization.

Detail: Executive Team Work 

With executives and leaders, we help define a project punch list and designate each in their proper order.

 Our role is to ensure your projects are well-conceived and that you are implementing best practices. Our consultants also lend third-party credibility to decisions and results. Along the way we will seize upon opportunities to teach and train you as leaders and as a team. With the extra time we have reserved, we can initiate follow-up calls or meetings to do things like:

Drill down into particular issues and priorities

  • Work with an executive 1:1 on their systems, process, bias, and/or professional growth, including conscious leadership.
  • Consult with the group on the organization and employees’ evolving needs, recommend investigation or action.
  • Attend or present work at staff meeting or all-hands, brainstorms, strategy sessions, retreats.
  • Strategize with you on measuring results and impact.
  • Etc.

In this capacity, our consultants are effectively “on call” with some structure. 

Detail: Open Office Hours

Our clients general experience an opening of the floodgates after an initial training on a topic like unconscious bias. Often employees are eager to see us again and continue the work. Outside of official all-staff trainings, it can be enormously valuable to have a dedicated space with specific hours that an employee or group can use to work with us on a specific goal, strategize an approach to a member/customer issue, or even just ask questions they cannot ask anywhere else.

Employees can opt-in to meet with me beforehand, or just pop their head in ad hoc. We’re very likely to target or even require certain folks to check in. 

Open Office hours must not feel like getting called in to see the principal, however. Rather, they are best positioned as a sign of the organizations commitment to change. The creation of a dedicated space and shared resource like this is a great way to ensure that leadership is hearing from everyone, and that folks feel the organization is supporting them with the right combination of hands-on and self-directed work. Here we can also discuss client and customer-specific issues.

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