of our unconscious biases is the first step to opening our minds and finding a path forward.

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Fundamental Advisory was founded on the mission to create more equitable outcomes for organizations and their employees through deep, intentional conversations on racial and gender equity as well as to address the structural barriers that prevent access to success. We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion is not simply the responsibility of those most affected by inequities, rather, that everyone within the organization must be involved in leading this charge. We believe that through embedding Equity and Inclusion into the business processes themselves, DEI becomes a part of the organization’s every aspect and employees will be free to reach their entire potential and our client organizations will thrive. They thrive when innovation and creativity are open to all. Through our framework of Awareness, Accountability, and Action, our clients are given the guidance and tools necessary to create an equitable and desirable workplace.

Our Focus

Fundamental Advisory provides fresh and realistic strategic plans to making diversity work for any company, whether internally or externally. Mindy is a change-maker and an innovator. Her legal knowledge and practical advice offers companies growth potential and risk mitigation.

Virtual Diversity Officer

Not every organization can afford a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader, nor does every organization need one. In a virtual, consultative role, our experts will ensure progress along your journey is much faster than on your own. Our semi-regular presence at the office(s) signals your commitment and creates a viable space for conversations that might not otherwise take place. Monthly Consulting will ensure that DEI is embedded in the culture of your organization and that there is ongoing dialogue and strategic planning around Diversity and Inclusion. The amount of hours will be determined at a later time, but typically consists of 5-10 hours per month for at least one year.

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Implicit Bias Awareness Workshops

Fundamental Advisory engages with businesses, municipalities, law firms, and non-profits for a variety of DEI efforts including creating custom tailored workshops entitled “Conversations on Implicit Bias” in addition to other trainings sessions in the areas of cultural competency, creating an inclusive workplace, sexual harassment, and power dynamics at work.  

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops

Fundamental Advisory engages with businesses, municipalities, law firms, and non-profits for a variety of DEI efforts including creating custom tailored workshops and trainings sessions in the areas of cultural competency, creating an inclusive workplace, ethics and equity, sexual harassment/workplace harassment, and power dynamics at work.

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Expert Consulting: Law Firms, Businesses, Non-Profits, Educational Institutions

We are experts in Diversity and Inclusion, and we are focused on helping companies optimize their bottom-line. We are your partners in effectively establishing and supporting your diversity initiatives or helping overcome pressing diversity and inclusion challenges. As your partners, we collaborate with your teams to develop processes and best practices that will become part of the culture of your company.

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Executive Coaching and Executive Leadership Conversations

We believe that creating an inclusive and equitable work culture starts at the top. Executives are tasked with the expansive reach of the organization and we will ensure that your DEI plan and program is integrated into every business function so that it works, it is measurable, and it does more than just pay lip-service to diversity. We will equip your Executive Team with the tools it needs to lead the way on DEI. 

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Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Fundamental Advisory was founded by a lawyer who understands that a key piece of the conversation about Diversity and Inclusion must be about systemic bias within the organization- within policies and procedures, hiring, retention and recruitment, and often times, the path to management. We fundamentally believe that a strong, deeply embedded DEI program is one of the best ways to mitigate risk and assure compliance.

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Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace harassment can be devastating to an organization as it shakes the culture and can have terrible ramifications for years to come. Prevention of harassment of discrimination cannot be realized by having a basic compliance-only mindset.

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About Me

Mindy Gulati is founder and CEO of Fundamental Advisory, a consulting firm focused on advising businesses and law firms on issues related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Using a unique and personal approach, she designs strategic plans and custom content and workshops for organizations on issues related to implicit bias awareness, creating inclusive and innovative cultures at work, and educating on the ethical pitfalls and implications of ignoring DEI, as well as guiding organizations on legal issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination.  


“I am the Sr. Manager of Inclusion and Diversity at PayPal and have had the pleasure of seeing Mindy in action as a public speaker, educator, and thought leader. Whatever her audience, she moves them towards progress. She is effective in her methodologies and is passionate about helping businesses become leaders in Inclusion and Diversity.” 

Muna Hussaini

"I've been in HR Diversity and Inclusion for 10 years and I've never heard anyone explain the issues at hand like Mindy. She actually gave me goosebumps and two 'Ah-ha' moments." 

Austin Technology Council's Human Resources Dinner

"Mindy is a great communicator, trainer, and a valuable asset to companies wishing to utilize her services. Her solutions are never cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. Mindy takes the time to understand what a company’s goals and needs are with respect to diversity and inclusion, and she tailors training programs to meet those needs.”

Business-Side Employment

Cambio and Fundamental Advisory Announce Partnership To Tackle Diversity Hiring 

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Mindy Gulati presents to Samsung Semiconductor Austin

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