Mindy Gulati

Mindy Gulati is founder and CEO of Fundamental Advisory, a consulting firm focused on advising businesses, nonprofits, and law firms on issues related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Using her expertise and personal approach, she designs strategic plans, drafts policies and procedures, and creates custom content and workshops for a wide range of organizations around the country. Her focus is anti-racism and equity, implicit bias awareness, creating inclusive and innovative cultures, educating on the ethical implications of bias, as well as guiding organizations on legal issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination. Her approach provides the foundational basis for cultural change through awareness, storytelling and understanding. She regularly tackles complex issues such as racial tensions at the workplace, implicit and explicit bias in decision making, creating culturally competent workplaces, compensation equity, and ethical leadership and management. Her legal background gives her a key advantage in understanding these issues with an eye towards risk mitigation and by crafting specific policies and procedures to guard against the harms that workplace inequities create.

As a former criminal defense attorney and subject matter expert on implicit bias, she is passionate about fostering equity and inclusion through her work. She is intentional in the projects she takes on and leaves a lasting impact on the organizations she works with. She has invested tremendous energy throughout her career sparking lasting movements for change through relationship-building and hard work; though her most profound joy comes from opening minds and opening doors. She prides herself on being a builder for others and recognizes that incremental improvement is only part of the path to success, not the finish line. 


  • Licensed Attorney in California & Texas
  • Board President, Institute for Diversity and Civic Life
  • Diversity Chair, American Constitution Society, Austin Lawyers Chapter
  • Board Member, Surive2Thrive Foundation
  • Advisory Board Member, City of Austin’s Task Force on Institutional Racism & Systemic Inequities
  • Anti-Racism Task Force Member for Representative Vikki Goodwin, Texas House of Representative, District 47


  • Virtual Diversity Officer
  • Anti-Racism and Privilege Workshops
  • Implicit Bias Awareness Trainings and Workshops
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainings and Workshops
  • Strategic Planning around Equity and Inclusion
  • Executive Coaching and Executive Leadership Conversations
  • Advisor on Risk Mitigation and Compliance
  • Sexual Harassment Workshops & Compliance
  • Keynote Speaker


Fatima Mann

Fatima Mann is the Director of Community Advocacy and Healing Project, a 501 c(3) dedicated to cultivating culturally mindful, healing and human centered experiences and policy reform. Serving as an AmeriCorps Vista, pushed her to become involved in combating police brutality through co-founding the Austin Justice Coalition (AJC) an Austin based social justice organization. Her work with AJC allowed her to participate in the creation of the body wearing camera policy for the Austin Police Department. She eventually attended and graduated in 2018, from Southern University Law Center (SULC). As a full time law student Fatima co-founded Counter Balance: ATX (CBATX) a Austin-based self-care and social justice organization. Fatima served as Executive Director of CBATX, receiving several awards, the 2018 National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year Award, 2018 Measure Austin Big Data & Community Policing Appreciation Award, and the 2017 Austin Community College Equity Activist Award. She also served as CBATX’s policy advisor and aided in the passing of the Sandra Bland Act. Upon graduation from law school, she recognized the need for advocacy through a healing lens and founded Community Advocacy and Healing Project.

Fatima has an expert perspective in cultural mindfulness, healing within organizational infrastructure, and human-centered approaches. She is a trailblazer in this area and curated culturally mindful, healing and human centered experiences all throughout the country. Fatima is an innovator, transformer, and visionary. Her knowledge, skills, abilities and practical advice of cultural competence and inclusivity through a healing lens offers companies access to creating equitable and inclusive environments. Fatima is a thought leader and organizer. By planting seeds of cultural mindfulness, she provides the tools to embrace cultural competency and inclusivity within practices, policies, and procedures.


  • Organizer
  • Trainer
  • Public Speaker
  • Curator Lawyer
  • Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher
  • Founder and Director of Community Advocacy and Healing Project
  • B.A. Political Science
  • B.A. History with Minor in Africana Studies
  • Juris Doctorate

Civic Engagements

  • Director of Community Advocacy and Healing Project
  • Member of Mayor Adler’s Task Force on Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequalities


Denisha Jenkins

Denisha Jenkins is an Austin based Equity and Inclusion Consultant that hails from Louisville, Kentucky – home to a rich civil rights history and various movement leaders. As a servant leader, she has been improving systems and developing anti-racist, culturally responsive leaders within the education, healthcare, and economic development industry in the US and abroad for the last 13 years.

Prior to founding Kardia Advisory Group, Denisha pioneered a multi-faceted partnership between MIT and Singapore University of Technology, managed civic projects on behalf of the US State Department, and helped community leaders secure over 600K in grant funding to address disparate outcomes. With each project, she applies a trauma informed, solutions driven framework that prioritizes equitable outcomes and delivers sustainable strategies for disrupting bias and cultivating authentic belonging in small to large organizations.

Denisha “restores humanity within communities” by disarming, affirming, and equipping leaders with the tools they need to efficiently honor and navigate cultural nuances. She models restorative leadership by leveraging her intersectional background and interdisciplinary experience in the public and private sectors to name and dismantle systems that hinder belonging, excellence and innovation.

  • Consultant/Trainer/Speaker/Ethnographer
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


  • Anti-Oppression, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Facilitation, Conscious and Inclusive Leadership, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Organizational Learning, and Talent Development


  • Implicit Bias Training/Workshops; Management Consulting, Facilitation, Content Creation, Program Evaluation, Speaker/Panelist/Moderator


  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations, Consulting and Management; Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Development; *Trained in Crucial Conversations, Safety Care, and Mental Health First Aid

Current Civic Engagement:

  • Vice President Board Member – Institute for Diversity and Civic Life; Director of The Gospel and Diversity – Mosaic Church Austin; 2016 Leadership Austin Essential Alum

Alejandra R. Mielke, PhD

Dr. Alejandra Rodríguez Mielke is a bilingual DEI professional developer, consultant, and coach with more than 15 years experience improving the educational experiences of underrepresented minorities. Utilizing her expertise in adult-learning and social justice, Alejandra supports current and future leaders transcend personal biases and systemic barriers to help build inclusive and equitable workplaces.

As a learning and development expert, Alejandra utilizes research-based approaches to develop and provide learning experiences that allow participants to listen and learn from each other, raise awareness, guide change, build capacity and develop intentionality and ownership of the process when working to improve practices and bring change. She understands that what’s important is not only the efficient delivery of information, but the analysis of the starting point, the focus on clear goals, and the guiding hand during the process.

As a diversity and inclusion coach, Alejandra focuses on two groups. First, individuals or teams who want to grow in their understanding and practice of Diversity and Inclusion measures can benefit from Alejandra’s coaching skills to create safe spaces for conversation and introspection. Through this process, deep-rooted behaviors and perspectives that impede true inclusion can be brought to light and discussed. In addition, Alejandra guides Latinx young adults, women and working mothers to find their voice and passion, and to use their own resilience and determination to build the confidence they need to successfully navigate the workplace.


  • Trainer
  • Curriculum Writer
  • Professional Developer
  • Technical Assistance Provider
  • Researcher
  • Cross-cultural Communicator
  • Bilingual – English & Spanish
  • Working Towards Coaching Certification thru the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching – iPEC
  • Ph. D. – Language and Literacy – The University of Texas at Austin


  • Workshops and trainings on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Issues such as:
    • Foundational Understandings of DEI
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Culturally-relevant Practices
    • Anti-racism Education
    • Diverse Talent Acquisition
    • Employee Resource Groups
  • Strategic planning and operationalizing solutions for DEI initiatives
  • DEI and Cross-Cultural Coaching
  • Qualitative Research, Focus groups and In-Depth Interviews
  • All services can be provided in Spanish